Appraisal and research

Domestic real estate valuation/research

In addition to our main offering, which is real estate appraisal service with outstanding track record on securitized properties, we offer you a one-stop service that includes an evaluation report on the operator to better understand the risks involved in healthcare facility operation and a building engineering report.


You will have a wide array of plans to choose from to suit your needs, including valuation report, survey reports and opinion reports at competitive pricing.

Set timeline and submit fee estimate

We will set the timeline to accommodate your requests and submit fee estimate after confirming the deadline with you.

Inspection system for the top quality deliverables  Prompt delivery (2 weeks required for the fastest delivery)


When formal request, we ask you to submit Letter of Request/Consent and other paper works required.
We will inform you of the format and information on filling out the documents.


We ask you to provide us with all necessary documents for evaluation (survey) to the extent possible. Based on the documents, we will conduct onsite survey and analyze value-influencing factors. We may request you to attend our onsite inspection on some occasions.


We will update you of the evaluation (survey) progress from time to time.

成果物の作成 納品

We will submit the deliverables (appraisal report, survey report, etc.) after finalizing the documents.

Overseas real estate valuation/research

We provide a variety of services in collaboration with a major global consulting firm.

We cater to other various needs. Please feel free to contact us. Contact Us