Our Raison d’etre

We believe that our raison d’etre is to help our clients realize the added value and to optimize the social added value via prompt delivery of the required real estate-related information to the clients.

Significance of existence.

We believe our important mission is to indicate expert opinion by clarifying the value of real estate, the asset that is the foundation of all existences and our society based on human behavior.

Our never-ending effort for improvement, not limited to real estate appraisal but to meet other demands, will bring you the most appropriate value-added information in a flexible manner.

As an established and recognized group of professionals, we hold high ethical standards at all times and pledge to make contribution to the society by becoming more accountable and responsible as a real estate consultant.

To gain trusts from our clients and contribute to the society are our ultimate goal and joy.

The impact of real estate-related information we provide

There are many details invisible at first glance in real estate. For example, where it is currently positioned on the market cycle, its defects such as soil contamination, ever changing rent market and tax strategies by the use of real estate. We provide this information to serve as an opinion for the client to enable making the decisions that would bring value.
Through providing the level of satisfaction not ordinary delivered from mundane appraisal activities, we help you ease your mind and bring efficiency.


We provide expertise based on our vast experience and data, including taxation, architecture, income analysis, and market projection.